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If you are using blogging as a portion of the strategies on your Network Marketing company, I suggest the usage of since the platform to your own blog. A blog is merely one more sort of site, except it’s a lot simpler to produce and upgrade than an’normal’ web site. Developing a web page with WordPress is nearly the same as composing a post in Word for Windows or a different editing program. In this guide, we explain five reasons why you need to utilize to your own blog.2 Chief Types of programs for creating a website are:1) A”Server Side Internet based” application entirely controlled by your internet server and from YOU. It is important to get this type of blog if you are doing business on the world wide web, since it is going to become your advantage, and can not be removed from you. By comparison, the net based software can be removed from you without a warning, and you never get it back .2) A”Internet based program” that is regulated by the internet hosting community. Following are Five Great Reasons to Use WordPress.orgWith only a little knowledge about key words and search engine optimisation, it is very simple to get listed on Google for your keyword phrases.The very best way to get Google index (get it listed in Google) your new WordPress site, is to file your site’s RSS feed into your search engines. Do not fret about exactly what an RSS feed is, even if you do not understand. You do not need to understand what all means, you only have to understand what to do with it.Therefore, once you create your site and your initial blog post: When your site is exhibited, search at the right of where your URL is clicked and you need to see a tiny orange box. Click the orange box and your browser should open the RSS feed of your site. The text shown may seem like gobbledegook, but do not be concerned about that. The search engines may translate what is composed for your own RSS feed. Now, visit and Publish your Website’s RSS Feed URL you just copied in your Text Editor. Now visit and Publish your Website’s RSS Feed URL you just copied in your Text Editor. The following day – after submitting your feed described above – Search in Google’s index to find out whether your Website is recorded. To find your site on Google:Website (substitute together with the URL of your site )After clicking the Google Search button, then your site URL ought to be recorded, meaning that Google has indexed your site. It follows your site is going to probably be set somewhere in the Google listings.Reason Number 2: Applying WordPress will save you a Lot of timeWordPress will save a Great Deal of time to these reasons:1. It’s actually quick and simple to install. WordPress takes approximately 5 minutes to set up immediately, provided you’re using a hosting company which lets you perform an immediate installation. Be certain that you receive a hosting company that’s”CPanel” – when the web host gets it, then they will say that it’s CPanel in their Feature page.2. It’s an simple to use management interface, which lets you find things fast and operate better.3. It is quite easy update. The majority of the time, you can simply click the”update button” and WordPress will set up the update automatically.4. 5. There are software which you may easily”plugin” (using a few clicks on your mouse) for your site. These programs are known as”plugins” and also enable your site to readily do all kinds of different items, like back up your database, create remarks seem different, enable for social interactivity such as”linking your articles” or even”sharing a post with Facebook”.6. Save yourself a good deal of time by avoiding junk. 7. And, another massive time saver – you can compose your articles beforehand and schedule them to another week or 2. So… you can just log in to your site once weekly, set up your articles, then unwind or go on vacations. Below are a few basic methods for ensuring that your content is optimized for your own Website.1. 2. Ensure that your Categories include key words, and pick a pertinent Category for every one of your articles. Select just 1 category for every article, otherwise you may get Copy content.3. Use a Custom Made arrangement on your Permanent Links. The link (also called”Permalink”) includes your site name, the group, and also the blog post name. As an instance, the URL ought to seem something like that: YourBlogName/Category/PostTitle – yet, if you do not pick a custom made structure for your permalinks, then they might consist of amounts and pointless words. This radically reduces the odds of your post looking in the search engines, when people type on your keywords and phrases.Change the arrangement of this Permalinks by performing the following:1) In the dash of your site, select”Preferences” in the left side.By typing the aforementioned Customized arrangement, the Permanent Link (URL) for all your articles will include:Your Website name + Category Title + Name Name for Article Ensure you’ve got a Sitemap in your Website. Listed below are just two plugins:Utilize those 2 sitemaps with each other, and you’ll find a Google user friendly and User friendly site page.I could add a lot more SEO strategies for WordPress, but that is sufficient for today.Reason Number 4: Optimizing Your Web Pages on Your Website is Very Simple It’s extremely simple to compose and update your articles on your site, with WordPress. Additionally, you do not have to know some HTML. In case you’ve possessed an ordinary site (I mean,”not a blog”), then you might need to contact your webmaster each time you need it upgraded. Or, maybe you did everything I did, and heard HTML. And, it may have taken you quite a while to understand the HTML and really produce the webpage look fine.After WordPress is installed, it is quite simple to add new articles and new webpages, and also to upgrade them. It’s simple to add pictures and videos into your blog pages and posts. Once you edit or compose a new article in WordPress, small buttons are shown above where you type your article. To change your text into bold or color or anything different, simply highlight the text then click on whichever button demanded. If you would like to format your going, type in and highlight the text that you typed, then click the”pull down arrow” in which it states Paragraph.Practise just a tiny bit before you publish your article.